Hannes Swoboda: „With Obama we can work together for a progressive future in Europe and the USA“



Following the victory of Barack Obama last night, re-elected for another four years as president of the United States, S&D Group president Hannes Swoboda said: „We congratulate Barack Obama on his well-deserved victory.

„His re-election is great news not only for the US but for the world as a whole and for Europe in particular.

„Close co-operation between progressive forces in Europe but also between Europe and the US is crucial to promote our values and the political principles we stand for.

„The path towards equality and greater social justice is the right one and Obama has successfully implemented crucial reforms on issues such as healthcare which particularly benefit the poorer people in the US.


„Yet, more needs to be done. In times of crisis and harsh right-wing austerity policies, our joint fight for growth and investment and against the high and rising unemployment rates – especially youth unemployment – remains more important than ever. Other important reforms such as the regulation of financial markets must also be pushed at the international level and the re-election of Barack Obama is an important step forward for the progressive agenda around the globe.“