MFF: Swoboda refuses to be blackmailed by the Council

Following the last round of talks yesterday on the European Union’s multi-annual financial framework, the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament will carefully evaluate the latest proposal from the Irish Presidency.

Hannes Swoboda, president of the S&D Group, said: „We deeply regret that the Council did not make a more substantial move towards the European Parliament’s demands for EU citizens.

„Obtaining an efficient and appropriately funded package for the fight against youth unemployment remains the top priority, alongside real flexibility to fully use promised funding from the European budget. I regret that the Council did not make enough progress towards those goals.


„It is clear that there is no agreement from the European Parliament at this time. The Socialists and Democrats Group will – taking its responsibilities more seriously than the Council – carefully discuss all elements of the latest proposal and come to a decision only after that evaluation.

„The timing of the next General Affairs Council meeting next Tuesday is unfortunate – the current proposal could have been presented much earlier and the Council meeting should be postponed to a later date. We will not take a rushed decision without due consideration.“