S&D Euro MPs welcome social investment package

S&D Group leader Hannes Swoboda today welcomed the social investment package proposed by the European Commission.

Said Hannes Swoboda: „I am pleased that the European Commission has recognised the need for social investment.

„The Socialists and the Democrats in the European Parliament have taken the lead to impose supervision of social as well as fiscal policies in its recommendations to EU governments.

„At the same time, we would like the European Commission to practice what it preaches, in particular in its work with the Troika (European central bank and International monetary Fund) in some EU member states.

„In these times of economic and social crisis, EU member states need more than ever to invest in people. But Europe also needs real investments to boost growth and job creation.

„The economic crisis and austerity policies have provoked a surge in the number of poor with 120 million people exposed to poverty.

„All EU resources must be used to fight unemployment, poverty and social inequalities. We are sorely disappointed with the EU budget deal for 2014-2020 struck by European leaders, which won’t be the weapon Europe needs to fight unemployment“.