S&D Group expresses solidarity with French and Italian sister parties over extremist attacks

The last week saw several violent attacks against the offices of S&D sister parties in France and Italy. The Partito Democratico was attacked following proposals to extend citizenship to migrants based on ius soli (the right to citizenship based on the place of birth) and the headquarters of the Parti Socialiste in Paris were mobbed after a demonstration against gay marriage turned violent.

Hannes Swoboda, president of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, commented on the attacks: „The violent anger we have witnessed in France on the issue of same-sex marriage and adoption, and in Italy over the proposed new citizenship law is highly troubling.

„I strongly condemn the attacks on the offices of the PS and PD, symbols of the democratic system. We are attacked for defending civil liberties and progressive values. Extremists can rest assured we will not desist. Violent assaults on political parties are unacceptable in democratic states and must be prosecuted promptly. These assaults demonstrate that these extreme right-wing individuals have no respect for the fundamental values of our society.

„Across Europe we see worrying aggression against minorities and foreigners, and several conservative governments have played a populist blame game stigmatising migrants. The S&D Group firmly rejects all forms of discrimination and aggression against minorities and urges national governments to take a clear stand for inclusion and citizenship, against racist and extremist violence.“