S&D Group warns against military intervention in Egypt

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament are very concerned about the political developments in Egypt. At the same time the S&D Group expressed condolences to the family of Yorsi Al-Masri and solidarity with those fighting for freedom and democracy in Egypt.

Hannes Swoboda, president of the S&D Group, said: „Any intervention by the Egyptian military would be unacceptable. Egypt must not go backwards in time and return to military leaders dominating politics.

„We urge President Morsi to put an immediate end to the violence which the demonstrations in recent days have faced. Freedom of speech and the right to assembly are inalienable rights of all citizens. The Egyptian people have fought hard to obtain these rights. To find a way out of the current situation, the government should organise cross-party talks without delay and find a peaceful compromise.“

S&D vice-president Véronique De Keyser said:

„We send our condolences not only to the family of Yorsi Al-Masri but to the leaders and members of our sister party, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party.

„The perpetrators of this brutal act must be found and brought to justice

„We express our solidarity with and continue to support all those fighting for freedom, dignity, democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms in Egypt. We are on your side.“