S&Ds congratulate Romanian left on landslide victory and warn Băsescu against undermining democratic process

Yesterday’s elections saw a landslide election victory for the Romanian Social Liberal Union (USL) with 58,61% and 60,08% of the vote in the chamber of deputies and the senate respectively. The Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament sent congratulations to their Romanian sister party but after Romanian president Traian Băsescu’s remarks on the appointment of the prime minister they are worried he may seek to undermine the democratic process.

Speaking from Oslo where he is attending the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, Hannes Swoboda, President of the S&D Group, congratulated prime minister Victor Ponta and the USL:

„Yesterday’s elections were a great victory for the USL, for Victor Ponta and above all for the Romanian people. They elected a parliament which is committed to social justice and strong ties with the European Union.“

He continued by calling on President Traian Băsescu and his allies to respect the people’s choice:

„President Băsescu must now prove that he is committed to democracy. If he values democracy, he must nominate Victor Ponta as prime minister without further ado. Ignoring the people’s choice is anti-democratic.

„Those in the European Commission and the EPP Group who have supported and helped President Băsescu in the past should now explain to him his duty as the president of a democratic country. It is the only path to bring stability to Romania.“