S&Ds demand immediate financial support for Erasmus to continue

Following the announcement that several European programmes are on the brink of empty coffers or, as is the case for the European Social fund, have effectively stopped operating due to lack of resources, the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament are angered at the impending blockage of the popular student exchange programme Erasmus.

S&D Group President Hannes Swoboda called on the Council and European Commission to immediately make additional funds available:

„Blackmailing on successful programmes during the MFF (Multiannual Financial Framework) negotiations is unacceptable, which is why we consider the Council position on the 2013 budget to be intolerable. The Council and European Commission must find an immediate solution to ensure the financial support necessary for the Erasmus programme to continue without disruption.

„The current finance gap must be resolved immediately and a long-term solution needs to be found for the Erasmus programme.“

He continued by insisting on the added value of the Erasmus programme:

„The Erasmus programme is not up for debate. It must be continued.

„Erasmus has proven for decades to be one of the most important instruments in bringing young people across and beyond Europe together. These young people are the future of Europe and their education is a central element of our future.“