Swoboda: „EU budget crucial for Europe’s future – Cameron’s veto threat short-sighted“

Following British prime minister Cameron’s threat to veto the European budget proposal if it contains significant budget increases, the S&D Group reaffirmed its commitment to a strong European budget allowing for targeted investments in growth and employment.

Hannes Swoboda, President of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, said:

„The Council must not be afraid of Cameron’s threatened veto of a possible compromise on the European budget. If European governments give in to this threat and squeeze the budget they should be aware that the European Parliament is determined to reject it.

„The British prime minister should stop his continuous attacks on Europe. It is in the interests of the UK and all European countries to work together in a globalised world. His weakness under pressure from the anti-European, right-wing of his party and his fear of losing votes to UKIP (the United Kingdom Independence Party) should not lead him to oppose every European policy, however reasonable. Prime Minister Cameron should be courageous enough to defend British interests in a pro-European way. And his European colleagues should openly tell him that.“

Hannes Swoboda continued by confirming the S&D Group’s position on the European budget:

„Last week the S&D Group agreed overwhelmingly to stand firm in their support for the Parliament’s proposals. We need a budget which can help boost growth and can reduce the social costs of slow or negative growth and unemployment. We must continue to support regional and social cohesion and this can only be achieved at a European level.

„The European budget includes vital programmes for investment in research and development, the Connecting Europe facility for extending and upgrading our infrastructure, the European Social Fund and the globalisation fund and we cannot allow cuts to this important work.“