‚We need to carefully monitor the developments in Romania and take action in case of a violation of EU laws‘

Hannes-lächelndFollowing the domestic dispute over Romania’s representation at the EU Summit last week, recent days have seen a deterioration in the political situation in the country. This relates to the ongoing open battle between Prime Minister Victor Ponta and President Traian Băsescu.

Commenting on the latest developments in the country, S&D Group President, Hannes Swoboda said:
„We must carefully monitor the developments in Romania. As S&D Group we have a very clear stance: There is only one question for us and that is whether EU laws and values are being violated.
„We look at Romania like we look at any other country belonging to the EU. So far we have not seen a violation of EU laws and therefore we do not see the need for any action at this stage. Yet we must continue to monitor developments closely and in case of a breach of EU laws, take action.
„Should we see a violation of EU laws, we would be the first ones to raise our voice“.
He continued by responding to recent accusations from the European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament:
„It is surprising to see that all those who were been silent about Hungary when there was a clear violation of EU laws, now get involved in domestic in-fighting.
„In contrast to the EPP we only follow one line: where EU laws and values are violated the EU must not be silent“.
He went on by giving an outlook on a possible impeachment procedure against President Băsescu:
„Should an impeachment procedure as foreseen in the Romanian Constitution against President Băsescu be launched, it is up to the Romanian people to decide whether they want to have him as President in the future or not.
„This is a decision which only the Romanian people can take and we cannot become part of this domestic decision-making process.
„It remains to say that it is surprising to see that so many who are so outspoken now were silent when President Băsescu changed the balance of power in his own favour when taking office“.