Health care and care of the elderly

Mr President, even though we are all reeling from the terrorist act in Spain, there is a matter on which I would ask you to provide the Members of this House with full information.
According to reports in the media, there have been irregularities and instances of fraud in connection with the registers. In order that this should not reflect on all the Members of this House who sign themselves in properly on a regular basis, I ask the Bureau to conduct a full investigation of this – and also of the individual cases – and to inform all Members as to what is going on. In the run-up to the elections, it would be a worst-case scenario if – as is now being asserted in the media – individual Members of this House were to be found regularly misusing the registers as a means of pocketing money to which they were not entitled.
I would ask that these things be investigated fully and that we should all be given full and honest information.