Minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the Trans-European Road Network

Mr President, I will be very brief; I believe that Mr Rack´s work deserves our approval. He has done an excellent job, and has, in particular, been able to strike a balance between the costs connected with safety measures and the major safety measures which must be taken in tunnels in the next few years.I would also like to make a brief personal comment to the Vice-President and discuss her personal contribution. Madam Vice-President, for many years there has been an often very hard, but also very fair cooperation and debate. You have indeed not always made it easy for everyone. While not exactly being a person who radiates meekness and readiness for compromise from the word go, you are a person with whom it is worthwhile to argue and find a compromise. In that sense, I would like to say that I agree with you entirely: in the last few years in the area of transport policy we have taken a very large number of important decisions, in which you and your staff have played a very important part, and for that you have my warm thanks. I assume that you will remain in the Commission and continue to be politically active, and perhaps we will have a little bit of time to argue with each other. In any event, it is a pleasure to argue with you, when we are dealing with the real issue. Thank you for your collaboration.(Applause)