Progress towards accession by the candidate countries

Mr President, Commissioner Verheugen, I think that the reports are very well balanced and very accurate. As regards Romania, I would like to add that even recently we have seen visible measures against corruption, and this should be seen as a good thing. There is one issue that I ask you to consider closely, Commissioner, namely the spread of some aspects of petty crime to neighbouring countries. This causes great problems and I ask you, Commissioner, to really urge Romania to do something to counter this; it would be in their own interests.
As regards Turkey, I find your report very well balanced, and the issue of Cyprus was also handled well. I would like to ask you, Commissioner, whether you would join with me and perhaps also urge all parties in this House not to make Turkey a campaign issue for the next European elections, since I fear that there are some forces that see `For or against Turkey´ as the election campaign issue for 2004. I hope that you agree with me that this should not be the case. Thank you.