Basta! Our alternative vision

Basta! An End to Austerity is a new book that presents a positive vision of how Europe can arrest its decline and restore hope through genuine changes in economic governance and much greater democratic control. Co-authored by S&D Group president Hannes Swoboda and independent journalist and former Guardian European business editor David Gow, the book takes a detailed look at how the Left’s alternatives can be achieved.

The book will be available download and order from 25 June 2013.

About Basta! An End to Austerity

Europe is still struggling – and failing – to come out of the great recession triggered by reckless global financial institutions in 2008. The European Union, especially the euro area, has been seriously damaged by the neo-liberal policies pursued by the conservative majority to tackle the wrong problems – at the cost of millions of victims made scapegoats for the crisis. This book analyses the policy errors made and highlights their savage impact. It sets out how the democratic and progressive Left has consistently sent out warning signals about false policy options and put forward cogent, cohesive alternatives ahead of the game.