S&D Euro MPs reject privatisation of water supply

Logo von righttowater.euToday, the European Parliament’s internal market committee has given its green light to opening negotiations with the Council of Ministers on revising European laws on public procurement and concessions.

Said S&D Group leader Hannes Swoboda:

„The S&D Group opposes any privatisation of water supply. Access to water and sanitation is an essential public service. We are in favour of the Citizens‘ Initiative put forward to guarantee water access as a human right. As the leader of the S&D Group, I was one of the first signatories. The million signatures mark was reached early this week.“

Said S&D Euro MPs Marc Tarabella and Pier Antonio Panzeri – who will negotiate for the S&D Group on new provisions for public procurement and concessions respectively – and S&D Group spokeswoman for internal market Evelyne Gebhardt:

„Today we received a mandate to start negotiations with EU governments to review the provisions for public procurement and concessions.

„We, as socialists and democrats, believe that water is an essential good that should be left aside from free market forces.

„During the forthcoming negotiations, we will make sure that every citizen will have access to water – as well as to other services of general economic interest – at an affordable price.

„We want to make sure that the contracts – whether they concern public procurements or concessions passed by local authorities – fully respect social rights including collective agreements and EU environmental requirements.

„We also want to introduce more transparency in these types of contracts to fight corruption.“