Hannes Swoboda: We are fighting for an inclusive and fair Europe; Cyprus needs EU support and should stay in the eurozone

At a conference in Nicosia on ‚The present economic crisis and the answer from the European Socialists’today (24th January), S&D Group president Hannes Swoboda underlined the need for Cyprus and the EU to act together and in synergy to overcome the current crisis in the country and to regain competitiveness for its economy.

„The EU and its member states should help Cyprus in this difficult period. It is clear that Cyprus needs our support and should stay in the eurozone.“

Concerning allegations about money laundering in Cyprus, Hannes Swoboda reiterated the S&D Group’s position that any criticism must be based on specific facts:

„It is important to avoid making sweeping generalisations“, he said.

Speaking on the eurozone crisis, Hannes Swoboda stressed the need for investment in growth, innovation and employment:

„The future of the European Union must be a progressive one with more social justice and solidarity. We are fighting for an inclusive and fair Europe – a strong and equal Europe based on the principle of solidarity.

„We are calling for an alternative way out of the crisis and talking to young people and citizens in various countries about the Europe they want and we stand for.“

Discussing the island’s division, Hannes Swoboda said: „The negotiating process must restart just after the presidential elections, aiming to reach a comprehensive solution based on the UN resolutions and European values.“