Socialists and Democrats Support Syria UN Resolution

While the United Nations delegation resumes its investigation in the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria last week, the UK have announced they would put a resolution to the UN Security Council, asking for authorisation of ’necessary measures to protect civilians‘.

Hannes Swoboda, president of the Socialists and Democrats Group, said: „If there is exhaustive proof that chemical weapons were used in Syria, this constitutes a breach of international law and moral imperatives. The international community including the EU can no longer stand by while innocent civilians are slaughtered.

„We fully support the motion to present the UN Security Council with a resolution to protect the people in Syria“.

„I hope that notably Russia will not risk the lives of more Syrian civilians by blocking the resolution based on geopolitical interests.“

S&D vice-president on foreign affairs Véronique De Keyser said: „More than 100.000 people have been killed and more than a million children have been forced to flee their country in the crisis in Syria.“

„The immediate priority of the international community must be to stop violence and to ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches those in need of basic goods and services in Syria and in its neighbours.“

„A chemical attack cannot be justified under any circumstances. However, the response of Europe and the international community to this attack must be based on hard evidence.“

„Otherwise we only create more violence and suffering in one of the most fragile regions of the world“.